Through Their Eyes Afghanistan

Afghanistan through the eyes of its people

About the series CGTN’s Sean Callebs and Photojournalist Andrew Smith tell the stories of today’s Afghanistan through the eyes of its people. Afghanistan gem hunters risk all for precious minerals Afghanistan’s Panjshir Valley is home to one of the richest supplies of gems in the […]

Karzai's Hat

BONUS: Karzai’s hat

CGTN’s Sean Callebs recounts the time on one of his deployments to Afghanistan when his cameraman tried to get a hold of one of President Karzai’s hats.

Sean Callebs in Afghanistan, 2019.

Why can’t the US win in Afghanistan?

The U.S. has been fighting a losing war in Afghanistan for over 19 years. On this episode we speak to CGTN Correspondent Sean Callebs on why U.S. forces have not been able to defeat the Taliban and how the security situation has deteriorated over the past ten years.