The Heat: U.S. completes withdrawal from Afghanistan

The Heat

Featured Video Play IconAn US Air Force aircraft takes off from the airport in Kabul on August 30, 2021. – Rockets were fired at Kabul’s airport on August 30 where US troops were racing to complete their withdrawal from Afghanistan and evacuate allies under the threat of Islamic State group attacks. (Photo by Aamir QURESHI / AFP)

The last U.S. military planes left the Kabul airport Monday bringing an official end to the military mission.
The last few days were not without bloodshed. The Pentagon says a U.S. military drone blew up a vehicle packed with explosives. Inside the vehicle – members of the militant group ISIS-K that posed an imminent threat to the airport.
The Afghan people say 10 members from one family including several children were killed in that strike.
The incident follows last week’s suicide bombing at the airport that killed at least 13 U.S. service members and 170 Afghans. The Pentagon says the military evacuated more than 123-thousand people before leaving the country.

Joining the discussion:

  • Nadia Hashimi is an Afghan-American pediatrician, author and women’s rights activist.
  • Peter Mansoor is a retired U.S. army colonel who served in Iraq and is the Chair of Military History at The Ohio State University.
  • Saeed Khan is a lecturer of Near East and Asian Studies at Wayne State University.
  • Ahmad Shah Mohibi is the Founder and President of Rise to Peace.

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