The Rise of the Far Right in Europe

The Heat

Anti-Immigration, anti-Euro, or simply anti-European Union, those are the keys of Europe’s fast rising right wing parties.  With support growing in countries from Austria and Britain to Finland, Far Right politicians now have their sight set on making strong gains in next month European parliament elections. CCTV’s Jack Barton reports from Brussels, Belgium.

Nick Griffin, Chairman of the British National Party (BNP), member of the European Parliament, joins Anand Naidoo to speak from his angle on rise of the far right.

CCTV’s Anand Naidoo is joined by Jon Lansman, long-time Labour Party activist in Britian, to dig more into why is rise of the far right happening and what’s being done to counter that ideology?

To talk more about rise of the far right, The Heat invites Cecile Alduy, associate professor of Stanford University, who writes about French Far right and interviewed Marine Le Pen, and Daniel Levin, who is an academic and political adviser, attended university of Zurich, to share their perspectives on the issue.