The Heat: US police tactics target black Americans

The Heat

Are minorities in some U.S. cities being unfairly targeted to help raise revenues? It’s been one year since Ferguson, Missouri erupted in violence following the shooting death of an unarmed black man by a white police officer. But as a U.S. Justice Department report made clear, frustration with local police had been building for some time.

Among the problems cited in the report is how Ferguson raised revenue through fines and fees, imposed disproportionately on low-income minorities. Citizens are seemingly trapped in a system where they can be fined for petty infractions and forced to pay penalties they can’t afford. It’s a practice not just limited to Ferguson.

So what can be done to fix what appears to be a broken system? To discuss U.S. policing tactics:

To discuss the role of police in the community:

To discuss whether low-income minorities are being unfairly targeted in some U.S. cities and towns to help raise revenue: