The Heat: What China’s two sessions and 5-year plan mean moving forward


China’s National People’s Congress ended its annual session with the adoption of a new five-year economic plan, aiming for at least 6.5 percent annual growth through 2020.

China is transitioning from an export driven economy to one driven more by domestic consumption, as it goes through a period of slower growth and market volatility.

In a wide-ranging news conference on Wednesday, Premier Li Keqiang addressed not only the economy but China’s relations with its neighbors and the United States.

The Heat gathered a panel of journalists to discuss China’s two sessions:

  • Duncan Innes-Ker, the Asia Regional Director for The Economist Intelligence Unit
  • Afshin Molavi, the editor of The New Silk Road Monitor
  • Pepe Escobar, an author and independent geopolitical analyst from Paris
  • Zou Yue, CCTV News anchor from Beijing

We also asked the panel about international perceptions as well as their biggest takeaways from the two sessions.