The Heat: Brexit’s fallout- Impact of UK exit from EU


The Heat: Brexit’s fallout- Impact of UK exit from EU

Just one week after voters in the United Kingdom opted, by a small margin, to leave the EU, the country is deeply divided over its future.

And, there are serious questions about Britain’s economy. Following the vote, there was a dramatic drop in the value of the pound sterling against the dollar. Now, many are worried about an economic recession.

Meanwhile, British Prime Minister David Cameron told leaders at a meeting of the European Council in Brussels this week, that concerns over immigration were a key factor in his country’s decision to vote for an exit , or Brexit, from the EU. But, he also insisted that the U.K. still wants to maintain a good relationship with other EU member states.

Still, the reaction from European leaders has not been entirely sympathetic. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has dismissed any notion the U.K. might somehow not take the formal step of actually leaving the EU. Meanwhile, the Scots, who voted overwhelmingly to remain in Europe, have made it clear they may press again for independence from the United Kingdom.

On tonight’s panel, CCTV America’s Nathan King takes on the full fallout of the Brexit:

  • John Petley, operations manager with the Campaign for an Independent Britain
  • Hugo Dixon, author of “The In/Out Question – Why Britain should stay in the EU and fight to make it better”

For more on what the ‘Brexit,’ Nathan King spoke with former Irish Prime Minster John Bruton. He is also a former EU ambassador to the United States.