The Heat: Growing tensions between Pakistan, Afghanistan

The Heat

The Heat Growing tensions between Pakistan, Afghanistan

Last month, Pakistan and Afghanistan deployed tanks and armored personnel along their border at Torkham – also known as the Khyber Pass. The resulting escalation led to several casualties.

The recent violence was a marked contrast from the optimism and improving ties since Ashraf Ghani took over as president of Afghanistan. In one overture Ghani ordered action taken against some Taliban militants, known as the TTP, suspected of orchestrating the 2014 school massacre in Peshawar, Pakistan that killed 141 people, including 132 children. In return the Afghan president hoped Islamabad would fight members of the Taliban who had taken up refuge in Pakistan, while bringing others to the negotiating table.

For more on the tensions in the region, CCTV’s Danial Khan and Catherine James report.

For more on the Pakistan-Afghan tensions, Omar Samad, Afghanistan’s former Ambassador to Canada and France joins the show.

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