The Heat: Looking back and ahead in technology

The Heat

a year in techImagine sitting behind the wheel of a car that drives itself. Or living in a house that talks to you about your day. Or managing a business with an entire staff of robots. Once the stuff of movies, innovation in technology is bringing us closer and closer to that reality.

Innovation. It’s a major buzz word in China. As the country faces a changing economy, it looks to innovate its way to the next phase of growth.

From start-ups to new patents, entrepreneurs are using the influx of government support to launch new businesses. So, will China be the new Silicon Valley?

Joining us to explore China’s tech innovation:

  • Xiaochen Zhang, founding partner of New Development Ventures, which promotes innovation in China.
  • William Bao Bean, managing director of Chinaccelerator, the first software incubator in China.
  • Dan Ye, entreprenuer and co-founder of CollegeNode, where international students can find American universities.

Joining us for this part of the program:

  • Anne Lise Kjaer, a futurist and founder of Kjaer Global, a trend forcasting agency.
  • Michale Nunez, technology editor of Gizmodo.