The Heat: The future of automation

The Heat

Robots assemble Renault and Nissan automobiles on the production line at the Renault SA car factory in Flins, near Paris, France (VCG)

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is being called the next wave in labor—in which man and machine become one. Sounds like science fiction? From robots delivering a package to 3-D prints an artificial leg for a war veteran, we’re seeing that revolution in action.

But what does that revolution look like and what impact is it having on us?

CGTN’s Feng Xin visited an automated factory to see how things are changing.

To discuss the impact automation is having on the workforce:

  • Amy Zalman, owner of the Strategic Narrative Institute and professor of Strategic Foresight at Georgetown University.
  • Joanna Wei, co-founder of Beijing MakerSpace and founder of Creatica Rethink Education.
  • Michael Chui, partner at McKinsey Global Institute where he researches artificial intelligence and automation.

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