The Heat: South Africa’s economic crisis

The Heat

South African President Jacob Zuma answers questions in Parliament in Cape Town, South Africa, Thursday, June 22, 2017. The Constitutional Court ruled earlier in Johannesburg, that a parliamentary vote of no confidence in Zuma could be held by secret ballot, saying it is up to the speaker of parliament to decide. (AP Photo)

South Africa fell into recession this month for the first time since 2009.

The country is also dealing with an unemployment rate at a 14-year high. And the nation’s credit rating was recently downgraded.

The economic setback is piling pressure on President Jacob Zuma and his government. What are his plans to get South Africa back on a solid economic footing?

For more on the extent of the economic down-turn and the political implications for South Africa, CGTN’s Angelo Coppola reports from Johannesburg.

Tonight’s panel discusses the state of South Africa’s economy and what it could mean for the continent:

  • Tshepo Kgadima, chief executive officer and president of LontohCoal Limited
  • Dorina Bekoe, an associate professor at the Africa Center for Strategic Studies in Washington, D.C.
  • Pusch Commey, an author and associate editor of New Africa Magazine
  • He Wenping, professor and director of African Studies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences