The Heat: German Election

The Heat

German Election

History made over the weekend when Angela Merkel won a fourth term as Chancellor.

But her victory was marred by a sharp drop in support for her conservative Christian-Democrat alliance, and dramatic gains by the anti-immigration Alternative for Germany party.

AfD got about 13 percent of the ballot—nearly triple the votes it received just four years ago. It put a far-right party in the German Parliament for the first time in more than sixty years.

CGTN’s Guy Henderson explained the results and the direction Germany is moving in from Berlin.

To discuss the German election:

  • Timo Lochocki, focuses on European politics with the German Marshall Fund of the United States
  • Jackson Janes, recipient of Germany’s highest civilian award and currently President of the American Institute for Contemporary German Studies at Johns Hopkins University
  • Ansgar Graw, senior political correspondent for the German newspapers — Die Welt and Welt am Sonntag

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