The Heat: Saudi’s corruption crackdown

The Heat

Crown Prince Salman

Historians are calling it a critical moment in Saudi Arabia’s history – one that could gradually turn the conservative kingdom into a moderate nation.

Earlier this month, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ordered the arrests of over 200 prominent Saudis accused of corruption.

The government said the crackdown is all in an effort to clean up the economy and attract foreign investors.

Prince Mohammed has already proposed a series of economic and social changes under the banner of Saudi Vision 2030 in an effort to modernize the kingdom’s economy and end its dependence on oil revenue.

To discuss all of this:

  • Jamal Khashoggi, a Saudi journalist, columnist and author
  • Fahad Nazer,  a consultant for the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Washington, D.C.
  • Maysar Jabr, Saudi journalist and the founder and executive director of Saudi Efforts, a digital media platform.
  • Hussein Ibish, senior resident scholar, The Arab Gulf States Institute

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