The Heat: Cuba pays tribute to Fidel Castro

The Heat

Remembering Fidel Castro

It’s been one year now since the death of Cuba’s revolutionary leader and former President Fidel Castro.

Over the weekend, thousands of Cubans gathered to pay tribute to him in Havana. The events are part of a week-long commemoration that includes other political and cultural proceedings.  When Fidel Castro died last year, at age 90, there were many questions about the future of his island nation.

CGTN’s Michael Voss reports from Havana.

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To take a look at the legacy of Fidel Castro and the state of Cuba one year on:

  • Carlos Alzugaray, a former Cuban diplomat and educator
  • Philip Brenner, an expert on U.S.-Cuba relations, professor of international relations, American University
  • James Early, former director of cultural heritage at the Smithsonian Institution, visited Cuba more than 50 times

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