The Heat: The human cost of ISIL

The Heat

Three years ago, when ISIL was at its peak, the terror group was estimated to have 31,000 foreign fighters in Iraq and Syria from over 100 countries.

Today, according to the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, that number is less than 1,000 and ISIL no longer controls vast territory.

But, analysts say the campaign against extremist ideology is far more challenging. Through social media, the militant group continues to attract followers and inspire terrorist attacks across the globe.

The Heat’s first guest studied Islam, became radicalized with her husband and lived with her children in Egypt, Turkey and Syria. Tania Joya eventually became disillusioned with her husband’s beliefs and escaped from Syria with her children.  She now works with organizations dedicated to countering violent extremism.

Part of ISIL’s success has been its ability to recruit young Muslims seeking a new life and a sense of purpose.  Michelle Shephard is a filmmaker, author, and award-winning journalist.  Her new CBC documentary, called ‘The Way Out,’ is about a Canadian mother’s quest to save her daughter from the grips of ISIL, also known as ISIS. 

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