The Heat: Afghanistan crisis

The Heat


January was a deadly month in Afghanistan with two major terrorist attacks claimed by the Taliban. 

On Jan. 20, militants stormed the Intercontinental Hotel and a week later, a suicide bombing in the streets of Kabul left more than 130 people dead and hundreds more wounded.

The United States responded with heavy airstrikes against the Taliban and other militants in northern Afghanistan, targeting training facilities in the Badakhshan province.

U.S. President Donald Trump has rejected any negotiations with the militant group but Afghan officials are reportedly keeping communications open.

To discuss the situation in Afghanistan:

  • Omar Samad served as the Afghan Ambassador to France and Canada and is currently the CEO of Silkroad Consulting.
  • Shuja Nawaz is a distinguished fellow of the South Asia Center at the Atlantic Council.
  • P.J. Crowley served as the Assistant Secretary of Public Affairs and Spokesman for the U.S. Department of State between 2009 and 2011 and is the author of “Red Line: American Foreign Policy in a Time of Fractured Politics and Failing States.”

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