The Heat: Chinese FM Wang Yi gives press conference during Two Sessions

The Heat


Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, discussed China’s foreign policy as the  Two Sessions meetings continue in Beijing.

The big annual gathering of China’s top political leadership, national lawmakers and advisors is still underway in Beijing. The event is known as the Two Sessions.

China’s Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, conducted a lengthy press conference attended by hundreds of journalists from China and around the world. He discussed major issues like nuclear tensions on the Korean Peninsula, China’s relationship with the United States and trade. He also laid out China’s foreign policy vision from Africa to Latin America.

To discuss Wang Yi’s press conference: 

  • Victor Gao is an international affairs commentator.
  • Sourabh Gupta is a senior fellow at the Institute for China-America Studies.
  • Song Zhang is the chief correspondent for the Shanghai Wen Hui Daily in the Washington D.C. Bureau.
  • Afshin Molavi is a senior fellow in foreign policy at Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies.

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