The Heat: US President to meet with DPRK leader

The Heat


After months of exchanging insults and threats, the U.S. President accepted an invitation to meet face-to-face with the Leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

An envoy from the Republic of Korea extended the invitation to Mister Trump, and made the announcement Thursday from the steps of the White House. Kim Jong Un said he’ll refrain from further nuclear missile tests and expressed his eagerness to meet with Mr. Trump by May of this year.

Former U.S. Ambassador Christopher Hill shared his thoughts about the significance of the announcement.

To discuss all of this:

  • Young-Key Kim-Renaud is a professor emeritus and a senior advisor for the Institute for Korean Studies at George Washington University.
  • Song Zhang is the chief correspondent for Shanghai Wen Hui Daily. 
  • Brian Becker is an analyst and commentator on U.S- DPRK Relations and has travelled to the DPRK numerous times.
  • Jonah Blank is a senior political scientist with the RAND Corporation.

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