The Heat: Trump withdraws US from Iran nuclear deal

The Heat

Trump Iran Deal

The decision by the U.S. president to walk away from the Iran nuclear accord should come as no surprise after he described it as one of the worst deals ever.

Trump ignored appeals from European allies to stick with the deal created to stop Iran’s nuclear program.

Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani, said his country will negotiate with Europe, Russia and China to remain in the nuclear deal if possible.

CGTN’s Nathan King reports.

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To discuss all of this:

  • Abbas Milani is an adjunct professor and the director of Iranian Studies at Stanford University.
  • Reza Marashi is the research director of the National Iranian American Council.
  • Sam Zhao is a professor and director of the Center for China-U.S. Cooperation at the University of Denver.
  • Merrill Matthews is a resident scholar at the Institute for Policy Innovation.

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