The Heat: US midterm elections

The Heat

Millions of voters across the United States are going to the polls in midterm elections some are calling the most important in decades.

With the country deeply divided, there is much to decide.  Will voters make this a referendum on Donald Trump’s performance as U.S. president over the last two years?

Will Democrats win back control of either house of Congress?  And, what will the outcome mean for major U.S. policy on issues like trade and immigration?

CGTN’s Dan Williams reports from Iowa.

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To discuss all of this: 

  • Maria Perez is associate director at the Atlantic Council’s Latin America Center.
  • Joe Madison is a radio talk show host with Sirius-XM and longtime civil rights activist.
  • Lester Munson is a principal with BGR Group, a leading government relations firm.
  • Robert Moran is a partner with the Brunswick Group, a public opinion and market research firm.

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