The Heat: China hosts its first International Import Expo

The Heat

Venezuela looks to Chinese market to aid troubled economy

China rose to economic superpower on the might of its manufacturing. Now, as the country takes a turn toward innovation, it’s declaring itself open to a wider consumer market for imports.

Calling it a “win-win” strategy for development, Chinese President Xi Jinping laid out China’s priorities in a keynote speech welcoming thousands of companies to Shanghai for the first ever China International Import Expo.

To discuss China’s move toward innovation:

  • Chen Chenchen is deputy director of macroeconomics at Renmin University.
  • Rui Ma is a Chinese investor and contributor and advisor to
  • Zekarias Amsalu is the founder and managing director of Ibex Frontier, a firm focused on investment in Africa.
  • Philippe Monnier is an international business executive and board member of the Augmented Reality company, WayRay.

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