The Heat: Zimbabwe – one year after Mugabe

The Heat


There was a time when Robert Mugabe’s grip on Zimbabwe seemed unshakable. 

But seven days in November last year changed all that. Bringing to an end Mugabe’s 37-year rule and setting the country on a new political course.

But as CGTN’s Farai Mwakutuya reports, change has not come easy.

To discuss what has changed, what has remained and what the future holds for Zimbabwe:

  • Chipo Dendere focuses on democratization and African politics as a Visiting Assistant Professor at Amherst College.
  • Joseph Ochieno is a writer and commentator on African affairs.
  • Nhlanhla Sehume is a South African journalist and news anchor.
  • Bright Matonga served as a Member of Parliament and Zimbabwe’s Deputy Minister of Information.


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