The Heat: France terror attack

The Heat

Strasbourg market attack

After weeks of violent protests against the government, France is now reeling from another terror attack.

On Tuesday, a lone gunman opened fire at a Christmas market in Strasbourg killing at least two people and injuring twelve other people.  A manhunt continues for the suspect identified as 29-year-old Cherif Chekatt, who French police say was on a watch list.

The Paris prosecutor says his police record shows 27 convictions for common law crimes in France, Germany and Switzerland.

To discuss Strasbourg’s terror attack and the security challenges in France:

  • Sonia Dridi is a correspondent for France 24 and Europe One.   
  • Alexis Poulin is the co-founder of Le Monde Moderne and an analyst of European Union affairs.  
  • Kamran Bokhari is a national security and foreign policy specialist with the University of Ottawa.  
  • Philip Crowther is the White House correspondent for France 24.

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