The Heat: UN climate deal

The Heat

UN Climate Conference

The deal reached in Katowice, Poland sets rules on how every country measures, reports and verifies efforts to cut emissions, implementing the 2015 Paris Agreement.

The delegates delayed decisions on carbon credits after objections from Brazil and failed to get firm commitments from countries to do even more to reduce emissions.  Still, negotiators say the agreement is an important step.

For more on what was accomplished at the U.N. Climate Conference:

  • Ella Wang is the China Program Manager with World Wildlife Fund China.
  • Barbara Finamore is the founder of the China Program at the Natural Resources Defense Council and author of “Will China Save the Planet?”
  • Upmanu Lall is the director of the Columbia Water Center at Columbia University.
  • Paul Bledsoe is a strategic adviser with the Progressive Policy Institute and President of Bledsoe and Associates.

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