The Heat: Cuba – US relations

The Heat

Sixty years after the Cuban revolution, what is the current state of Cuba-U.S. relations? And, how much has President Trump pulled back from progress made during the Obama and Castro administrations? 

Over the last six decades Cuba’s relationship with its neighbor, the United States, has had a major impact on the island nation.  And, despite reconciliation efforts in recent years, relations between the countries are again facing new challenges. CGTN’s Luis Chirino reports from Havana.

To discuss:

  • Carlos Alzugaray is a former Cuban diplomat and educator.
  • Hugo Cancio is the president of Fuego Enterprises, Inc. and editor-in-chief of OnCuba magazine.
  • Philip Brenner, an expert on U.S.-Cuba relations, professor of international relations, American University
  • James Early is an advocate for improved Cuba-U.S. relations and has visited Cuba more than 50 times

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