The Heat: Gaza and Golan Heights

The Heat

Tensions between Israel and Gaza. And more reaction after the U.S. president said Israel can control the Golan Heights.

Earlier this week at the White House, U.S. President Donald Trump met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

President Trump used the occasion to formally recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the long-disputed Golan Heights that Syria wants returned.

Meanhwhile, tensions between Israel and Gaza remain high. The Israeli Prime Minister is warning Gaza of more military action after Palestinian rocket fire into Israel and there are fears of another war.  


To discuss:

  • Dan Arbell, a scholar in residence at the Center for Israeli Studies, American University
  • Omar Baddar, Deputy Director with the Arab American Institute. 
  • Simcha Rothman, Legal Advisor for The Israeli Movement for Governability and Democracy 
  • Mohamed Ali, Press TV correspondent in Syria 
  • Moien Odeh, Attorney at Law at legal expert on Palestinian and human rights issues 

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