The Heat: Boeing 737 Max investigation

The Heat

Boeing 737 Max

Many people around the world are worried about flying after nearly 350 people were killed in two separate airline disasters less than six months apart.

As new information becomes available, it’s only made the flying public more uneasy.

As Boeing struggles to get its planes back in the air, the manufacturer has been hit with multiple subpoenas as part of a criminal investigation, while its global fleet remains grounded. All this, as families of the victims of the Ethiopian Air crash wait to hear just what went wrong.

CGTN’s Dan Williams reports from Chicago.

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To discuss all of this:

  • James Brauchle is a former U.S. Air Force navigator.
  • Nawal Taneja is a professor emeritus of the Center for Aviation Studies at Ohio State University.
  • Mark Weiss is the president of Weiss Consulting Group and a retired captain with American Airlines.
  • Dan McClory is the managing director and Head of China, Boustead Securities.

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