The Heat: Bolivia crisis

The Heat

The United Nations is urging the Bolivian government and supporters of self-exiled leader Evo Morales to begin talks to resolve the crisis in the country. More than 20 people died during recent political unrest. For now, Bolivia is run by Jeanine Anez, the former deputy Senate leader and a fierce critic of Morales.
She promised to call for new elections but hasn’t set a date.

To explain how Bolivia got into this situation, CGTN’s Gerald Tan reports.

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To discuss all of this:

  • Fernanda Wanderley is the director of the Institute of Socio Economic Research at Catholic University.
  • Bret Gustafson is an associate professor of anthropology from the Washington University in St. Louis.
  • Martin Mendoza-Botelho is an associate professor of political science at Eastern Connecticut State University.
  • Arthur Estopinan is the international and public affairs chief with the Estopinan Group, a political consultancy company. 

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