The Heat: NATO Summit at 70

The Heat

NATO, the Western military alliance set up after the Second World War to counter the Soviet Union, is marking its 70th anniversary.

Leaders from its 29 member states gathered in London this week to discuss major issues confronting the group including security and the fight against terrorism. And, while the message was largely about unity, there were some tensions also on display at the summit particularly between the U.S. President Donald Trump and the French President Emmanuel Macron who clashed on the future of NATO.

To discuss:

  • Harlan Ullman is chairman of the Killowen Group and senior adviser with the Atlantic Council.
  • Jean-Bernard Cadier is a Washington correspondent for the French Network, BFMTV.
  • Yusuf Alabarda is a 23-year veteran of the Turkish military and an international security and political analyst.
  • Dmitry Babich is a journalist and a Russian political analyst.

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