The Heat: India Rape Crisis

The Heat

It happens all too frequently in India.

According to the latest government figures, about 100 sexual assaults are reported each day — with more than 32,000 rapes in 2017. But many more go unreported because of the social stigma attached to victims. And court cases drag on for years with few resulting in convictions. That’s left many frustrated and angry. And then there’s this — eight days after the rape and murder of a veterinary doctor, the four men in custody suspected of the crime — were shot and killed by police. Officials say they were trying to escape.

CGTN’s Ravinder Bawa reports.

To discuss the safety of women in India:

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  • Noopur Tiwari is the founder of “Smashboard” — a new feminist social network for survivors of sexual and sexist violence.
  • Priyali Sur is a gender specialist and documentary filmmaker.
  • Shruti Kapoor is a gender equality specialist and the founder of Safty – focusing on edducating and empowering women and girls in India to protect themselves from violence.

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