The Heat: Syria’s Civil War

The Heat

It is a war that seems to have no end. The Syrian conflict that began nine years ago is still being fought in the northwestern part of the country.

On Monday government forces claimed to have seized control of parts of rebel-held Aleppo province.

The latest fighting, that began in December, has seen some 850,000 people flee the region. And, that is causing a humanitarian crisis near the Syrian-Turkish border.

Meanwhile, Turkey and Russia, backing opposing sides in the war, are engaged in talks after attempts by Ankara to have Syria’s forces back down.

CGTN’s Michal Bardavid reports.

To Discuss:

  • Yusuf Alabarda,a 23-year veteran of the Turkish military and an international security and political analyst.
  • Dmitry Babich, a journalist and a Russian political analyst.
  • Mohamad Ali, a correspondent in Syria for Press TV.
  • Edmund Ghareeb, a Middle East scholar and analyst

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