The Heat: U.S. travel ban

The Heat

Beginning Saturday, citizens from six countries will face tough travel restrictions, effectively blocking immigration to the U.S.

The expanded travel ban affects people from Nigeria, Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Tanzania and Sudan.

The White House says those countries failed to meet minimum security standards. A crackdown on immigration has been the centerpiece of Trump’s presidency.

CGTN’s Owen Fairclough has this report.
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To discuss:

  • Afia Yunus is an immigration rights advocate and Principal Attorney and Founder of Yunus Law.
  • Nneka Achapu is Founder of the African Public Affairs Committee.
  • Amin Ganjalizadeh is Supervisory immigration attorney at Leyruta PLLC.
  • Ira Mehlman is Media Director with Federation for American Immigration Reform or FAIR.

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