The Heat: Coronavirus – Global Impact

The Heat

More than a million coronavirus cases have now been reported around the world — nearly a quarter of them in the United States. And, jobs numbers continue to tank.

It was another bleak day as COVID-19 continues to claim more victims. In the United States, it took a month and a half for the first 100-thousand cases to be registered. The total has now surpassed 270-thousand in a fraction of the time. At the White House, President Donald Trump and his coronavirus task force continue to grapple with how to treat and prevent more infections.

To discuss:

  • Victor Gao, is a current affairs commentator and expert in international relations.
  • Gavin Macgregor-Skinner is an infectious diseases expert.
  • Arthur Dong is a professor at Georgetown University’s School of Business and advises US firms operating in China.
  • Akhink Omer is a nurse practitioner and recovering coronavirus patient. 

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