The Heat: Countries face economic fallout from COVID-19

The Heat


In the United States the latest government figures show 20.5 million people lost their jobs in April, raising the unemployment rate to 14.7%. Both are post-World War II records.

The European Union is now forecasting the worst economic outlook since the Great Depression. While China’s exports unexpectedly rose in April, as imports declined. But as the economic and human impact of the pandemic becomes clearer, there are hopeful signs as countries begin to slowly reopen. 

To discuss the ongoing economic fallout from the pandemic: 

  • Frank Sesno is the director of George Washington University’s School of Media and Public Affairs.
  • Qinduo Xu is a senior fellow at the Pangoal Institution and host of CGTN’s “Dialogue Weekend”. 
  • Yan Liang heads the economics department at Willamette University.

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