The Heat: Brazil now ranks sixth in global pandemic infections

The Heat

Nurses of Emergency Rescue Service (SAMU) transport a patient from a nursing home to a hospital during the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Santo Andre, Sao Paulo State, Brazil, May 12, 2020. REUTERS/Rahel Patrasso

Brazil had 881 confirmed deaths within 24 hours on Tuesday. By Wednesday, the country’s death toll topped 12,600 – passing France to rank sixth in the world. We take a look at what’s behind those numbers.

The University of Washington predicts more than 88-thousand people will die from the coronavirus in Brazil by August. It’s a dire warning for a country already reeling from the pandemic. Anand spoke with Dr. Luciano Cesar Azevedo. He’a professor of Emergency and Critical Care at the University of Sao Paulo.

CGTN’s White House correspondent Nathan King bring us the latest from U.S.

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  • Miguel Lago heads the Institute for Health Policy Studies
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  • Ana Ionova is a journalist in Brazil. 

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