The Heat: COVID-19 surges in U.S.

The Heat

COVID-19 cases are showing a sharp increase in several states across the U.S. just days before Americans celebrate their national holiday on July 4th.

Tens of thousands of new infections are being reported daily – with the states of Florida, Texas, Arizona and California all hard hit.

This week, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease doctor, warned the crisis could get much worse.

The pandemic of course also has major economic and political implications for the U.S.

To discuss:

  • Seth Denson, president and co-founder of GDP Advisors 
  • Aaron Mate hosts “Pushback with Aaron Mate” and writes for The Nation magazine
  • Dr. Danielle Rhubart, Lerner Postdoctoral Scholar at Syracuse University 
  • Susan Tehrani, journalist and political commentator

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