The Heat: U.S. Election

The Heat

After one of the most dramatic elections in U.S. history, can Donald Trump find a way to win re-election as U.S. president?

Or, will it be former Vice President Joe Biden taking over in the White House?

Votes are still being counted and the outcome is coming down to a few key states. The result may not be known for days with talk of recounts and legal action generating lots of controversy.

Nathan King at the White House and Jim Spellman in Wilmington, Delaware have more.

To discuss:

  • Julianne Malveaux is an economist, author and political commentator. 
  • Mary C. Curtis is a columnist for Roll Call and the host of the “Equal Time” podcast.
  • Aaron Mate hosts “Pushback with Aaron Maté” on The Grayzone.
  • Michael Johns is Co-founder of the U.S. Tea Party movement

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