The Heat: Cautious optimism in U.S. with vaccine push

The Heat

The announcement that vaccines will be available ahead of schedule came as welcome relief to Americans. But it came with a warning from the CDC not to loosen restrictions. While the country has hit a plateau in coronavirus cases and deaths, concerns remain about variants and complacency that could cause a spike in cases. 

CGTN’s Nathan King reports.

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Joining the panel:

  • Chris Smith is a Consultant Virologist at the University of Cambridge and the co-presenter of the “Naked Scientists” podcast.
  • Joseph Williams is a Senior News Editor with U.S. News & World Report.
  • William Haseltine is the Chair and President of Access Health International and the author of “Variants — The Shape-Shifting Challenge of COVID-19.”
  • Cheng Li is the director of the China Center, and a Senior Foreign Policy Fellow at the Brookings Institution.

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