The Heat: U.S. Congress passes $1.9 trillion Covid aid package


At nearly $2 trillion it’s bigger than the GDP of countries like Canada and Brazil.

And when President Joe Biden signs the Covid relief bill into law later this week, it’s set to deliver checks to millions of Americans, extend unemployment benefits and, among other things, increase funding for vaccine distribution and schools. It’s a massive undertaking with huge expectations.

CGTN’s Nathan King reports on what it means for average Americans. 

To discuss the Covid relief plan and other U.S. political issues:

  • Steve Chaggaris is an analyst and the political editor for Al Jazeera Online.
  • Katie Barlow is an attorney and media editor for SCOTUS blog.
  • Chris Hahn hosts “The Aggressive Progressive” podcast and the syndicated Chris Hahn radio program.
  • Eric Bolling is a best-selling author and political commentator.

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