The Heat: South Africa’s high court to rule in Jacob Zuma case

The Heat

In what’s described as a turning point in the corruption case against Jacob Zuma, South Africa’s Constitutional Court is expected to rule, in the coming weeks, if Zuma can be held in contempt of court.
The former South African president has repeatedly refused to appear before corruption investigators, prompting the chief investigator to seek a two-year prison sentence.
The case has triggered what many are saying is a constitutional crisis in the country. It’s led to the formation of a group called “Defend our Democracy,” which includes respected anti-apartheid leaders who says the country’s constitution and democracy needs defending.

CGTN’s Angelo Coppola reports.

Joining the discussion:

    • Nhlanhla Sehume is a Journalist and Assignments Editor for POWER FM 98.7.
    • Thabi Leoka is an economist based in Johannesburg.
    • Mavuso Msimang is a co-founder of the Defend our Democracy Campaign and a former senior member of the African National Congress
    • Lawson Naidoo is the Executive Secretary with the Council for the Advancement of the South African Constitution.

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