The Heat: U.S.-Asia issues

The Heat

Talks on climate change take center stage, as China’s President Xi Jinping pledges greater cooperation with France and Germany to tackle the effects of global warming.

The leaders of China, Germany and France held a virtual meeting Friday with a commitment to work together on combating climate change. China is also talking global warming with the United States. The country’s climate envoy is in Shanghai for a meeting with his Chinese counterpart Xie Zhenhua.  John Kerry’s visit is seen as an effort to rally support for President Joe Biden’s virtual Earth Day summit next week.


To discuss:

  • Victor Gao is a current affairs commentator and Chair Professor at Soochow University.
  • Shihoko Goto is the Deputy Director for Geo-economics with the Asia Program at the Wilson Center.
  • Sourabh Gupta is a Resident Senior Fellow with the Institute for China-America Studies. 
  • Nathan King, CGTN White House Correspondent

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