The Heat: Israeli-Palestinian violence

The Heat

It began as weeks of daily clashes between Palestinian protesters and Israeli police in Jerusalem.

On Thursday rockets continued to stream out of Gaza, and Israel pounded the territory with air strikes as both sides engaged in heavy fighting. The latest battle is reminiscent of their 2014 conflict. That one lasted 50 days. Fast forward to this week with neither the Israelis or Palestinians showing any signs of backing down. CGTN’s Stephanie Freid has a report from the Israel-Gaza border.

Longtime Palestinian rights advocate Hanan Ashrawi spoke to The Heat from Ramallah. 

Plus, joining the panel:

    • Jeremy Saltan is a political analyst and member of Yamina – an alliance of right wing political parties in Israel.
    • Ali Abunimah is an author and co-founder of the digital site, The Electronic Intifada.
    • Amotz Asa-El is an award-winning journalist and senior commentator for The Jerusalem Post.

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