The Heat: Afghanistan crisis

The Heat

“Everything is moving in the wrong direction.” That’s the assessment of U.S. Intelligence, as the Taliban retakes 11 of 34 provincial capitals in a matter of days.

The United Nations reports more than a thousand civilians have been killed in the fighting in the last month alone. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani met with leaders in the northern city of Mazar-i-Sharif on Wednesday in a sign of support for pro-government forces. While the Taliban appears emboldened by a U.S. withdrawal, President Joe Biden says he stands by his decision to leave the country by the end of August.

Joining the discussion:

  • Victoria Fontan is the V.P. of Academic Affairs and Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies at the American University of Afghanistan.
  • Michael Kugelman is the Deputy Director of the Asia Program, and Sr. Associate for South Asia at the Wilson Center.
  • Ahmad Shah Mohibi is the Founder and President of Rise to Peace.
  • Omar Samad served as the Afghan Ambassador to France and Canada and is a Nonresident Senior Fellow with the Southeast Asia Center at the Atlantic Council.

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