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Just days ago, U.S. military analysis warned that, once American soldiers left Afghanistan, the Taliban could take Kabul within 90 days. But, in reality, it was much faster than that.

Over the weekend, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani left the country as Taliban fighters were on the outskirts of the capital. And it didn’t take long for them to get into the presidential palace – without firing any shots.

To talk more about the situation there, we are joined by CGTN’s correspondent Sean Callebs. 

To discuss:

  • Brian Becker is the Executive Director of the ANSWER Coalition.
  • Omar Samad is a former Afghan Ambassador to Canada and France and a nonresident senior fellow at the Atlantic Council.
  • Mohammad Haqmal is the former Afghan Public Health Chief.
  • Lynne O’Donnell is an author and journalist.

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