The Heat: Europe-U.S. tensions and role of NATO

The Heat

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Some of the United States closest allies are outraged over how the U.S. handled the withdrawal from Afghanistan. European leaders say they’re frustrated over Washington’s lack of communication and consideration for the draw-down of NATO troops.

At the British parliament, former British Prime Minister Theresa May questioned the United Kingdom’s reliance on the United States and the role of NATO.

Joining the discussion:

  • Victor Gao is a Chair Professor with Soochow University and a current affairs commentator.
  • Anton Fedyashin is a Russian affairs expert and Professor of History at American University.
  • Lincoln Mitchell is a U.S political analyst and adjunct associate professor of political science at Columbia University.
  • Klaus Larres is a Distinguished Professor of History and International Affairs with the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and author of the forthcoming book, “Uncertain Allies.”

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