The Heat: Afghanistan 20 years after U.S.-led invasion

The Heat

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America’s longest war in Afghanistan began on October 7, 2001. It carried the huge price tag of 2.3 trillion dollars, and the loss of more than 24-hundred Americans.

The toll was even higher for the Afghan people. 48-thousand civilians and 66-thousand members of the Afghan military and police were killed. According to the United Nations, more than three-point-five million Afghans were forced from their homes.
At least two-and-a-half million Afghan refugees are now living in other countries. Those who stayed behind are facing even more hardship with shortages of food and money.

Joining the discussion:

  • Marvin Weinbaum is the director of Afghanistan and Pakistan studies at the Middle East Institute.
  • Jack Midgley served in Afghanistan as a U.S. Army civilian adviser and is the Principal of Midgley and Company.
  • Haroun Rahimi is an associate professor at The American University in Afghanistan.
  • Sayed Fahim Sadat heads the Department of Masters in International Relations at Kardan University.

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