The Heat: Day 26 of the Ukraine conflict with no end in sight

The Heat

The numbers are staggering. According to the United Nations – about 3.5 million people have fled the country since the start of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

10 million have been displaced — with little to no reported progress in negotiations between the two sides. And in the besieged city of Mariupol, many of its 400-thousand residents remain trapped with little food, water and power. Ciaran McQuillan has more in this report.

To discuss: 

  • Olena Gnes is a Ukrainian tour guide and video blogger. She joined from Kyiv where she’s sheltering with her three young children.
  • Einar Tangen is a political and economic affairs commentator.
  • Bohdan Nahaylo is chief editor of the Kyiv Post. 
  • Aaron Mate hosts “Pushback with Aaron Mate” on The Grayzone.

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