The Heat: Pakistan’s political turmoil

The Heat

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s political future could be in doubt. The opposition claims to have the necessary votes to oust him.

Imran Khan avoided a previous no-confidence vote by dissolving the parliament and calling for snap elections. But this Thursday the country’s Supreme Court ruled the move unconstitutional. Parliament was restored and the no-confidence vote is scheduled to go ahead on Saturday.

The Prime Minister accuses the opposition of being part of a foreign conspiracy to remove him from power.

To discuss:

  • Zoon Ahmed Khan is a Research Fellow at the Center for China and Globalization.
  • Marvin Weinbaum is Director of Afghanistan and Pakistan Studies at the Middle East Institute.
  • Syed Mohammad Ali is an adjunct professor at Georgetown University.
  • Shuja Nawaz is a distinguished Fellow at the South Asia Center, at the Atlantic Council and author of “The Battle for Pakistan, the Bitter US Friendship and a Tough Neighbourhood”.

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