The Heat: G20 foreign ministers meeting

The Heat

As the world grapples with fallout from the Ukraine conflict, an economic slowdown and global food crisis, foreign ministers from G20 nations are meeting in Bali, Indonesia.

It’s a mixed group – those in support of sanctions against Russia, and those opposed – but all wrestling with the consequences of the conflict. CGTN’s Silkina Ahluwalia has more in a report from Bali.

To discuss: 

  • Thomas Suoneto is a foreign policy analyst and host of the “Foreign Policy Talks” podcast.
  • John Gong is an economics professor at the University of International Business and Economics.
  • Jeff Moon served as Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for China Affairs and currently heads China Moon Strategies, a DC-based consulting firm.
  • Viktor Olevich is a lead analyst at the Center for Actual Politics, a Moscow-based policy center.

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