The Heat: Global Food Insecurity

The Heat

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A combination of factors is driving millions around the world into food insecurity conditions. And, the crisis is causing hunger and death.  

Part of the surge is caused by economic woes made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic that countries are still dealing with. Add to that rising food and gas prices. Plus, a surge in inflation.  

In places like the Horn of Africa climate change is also adding to the problem. The region is experiencing some of the worst drought conditions in decades.  

Meanwhile, the conflict in Ukraine and the disruption to food supplies has also had a negative effect.  

To discuss:

  • Christiane Rudert is UNICEF’s regional nutrition advisor in Eastern and Southern Africa
  • Omar Shaban is analyst on the political-economy of the Middle East
  • Parvin Ngala is Regional Dir., Horn East, Central Africa and Southern Africa Cluster, Oxfam International
  • Maya Takagi is International officer of FAO in Latin America and the Caribbean

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