The Heat: UK New Prime Minister

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Rishi Sunak is set to take over as Britain’s ​next Prime Minister. ​A Hindu of Indian descent, the former finance minister is also set to make history as the country’s first leader of color.

​Is he ​ready to tackle the ​UK’s economic chaos and political woes?

Six weeks ago, Rishi Sunak lost the race to become the leader of Britain’s Conservative party and Prime Minister  to Liz Truss. But in the wake of her resignation, ​another chance and another vote. This time, ​fellow Conservative MPs ​gave him the go-ahead nod. Sunak now ​has the difficult task to fix the country’s economy and repair its political credibility.

Joining the discussion:

  • Alan Wager is a Research Associate at the “UK in a Changing Europe” initiative at King’s College.
  • Jonathan Lis is a political commentator and journalist.
  • John Quelch is Dean of ​the University of Miami Herbert Business School.